Saturday, August 13, 2005

Summer 05

So its already August, 3 more weeks until school! scary, but true. My goal this summer was to have a summer more exciting, scary, thrilling, out of this world, you know just do things for the hell of it. Being want to have a summer to look back on, to laugh at, to cry about, to ache for, ( i know i sound like a dramatic writer, but im really not).

This was a summer of all of those things. Talking for hours on end with Big Macks and Marcus, and three way calling with Jorden and Big Macks. Reaching a kickin speed of 48 miles per hour on a half deflated tube with my sis in Michigan. Laughing around the campfire with my sister and cousins until 3:00 in the morning, talking about everything, as we got bitten up by mesquitos, (ghesus i think i have had to get the West Nile Virus by now). Staring at freaky aspen kids from the Window of Ben and Jerry's with Marcus and Grace! so funny!!!And having the best girl talk in a while with Grace Lodge in aspen, (we both needed that).And playing the sticky note game with, marcus, grace, fritz and that really tan kid, named pete. Skinny dipping in the neighbors lawn with my sister, at midnight. sneaking into buildings @ tennis camp, w/ marcus, brooke, and grace. Jorden giving us all make-overs before the talent show, heehee. Having endless water fights with Kailee on the tennis courts, in out white tank-tops while Andy, Jerry, and Morgan watch us.ya, lol Going through tough times with my family in Mich, and my previous best friend. Tarja. the summer has been different without her, and very confusing. Marcus and I both miss her. Learning to do a misty on the diving board, thanx to Anthony and Sloane. Watching Team America, as our coach walked in during the theme song,(not good, i wont go further). Chillin on lawn chairs in California. And reading my book at the peaks, listening to my i-pod, half asleep.